The Exemplary Leadership Workshop

The Exemplary Leadership Workshop


Great leaders understand the paradox of power, that of having greater power by giving your power away. Leadership implies followership and hence necessitates that the relationship be built on a strong foundation of trust.

On one hand, exemplary leaders from all walks of life are doing an awesome job of engaging and empowering, thus turning their constituents into leaders themselves to achieve the unthinkable. At the same time, with lack of credibility being a malaise widely prevalent in the dynamic, complex and globally wired world of today, the essential connect between the leader and constituents is often hard to come by.

The Exemplary Leadership Workshop explores, through real world examples and case studies, how following some key practices can enable leaders to open the floodgates of ownership, productivity, creativity and change in their teams. The highly interactive facilitation enables delegates to explore their own leadership propensities and refashion the same for greater effectiveness. The participants learn how to motivate and unleash the power of their teams such that together they achieve more.

Who should attend?

The program will benefit those at various levels of management, who wish to enhance their leadership skills by exploring leadership best practices and examining their own leadership approach, thus providing their constituents with exemplary leadership.


Delegates will get an opportunity to study Leadership practices of well known world leaders through case studies and films. An added feature is live cases of leaders doing exemplary work in their own fields and their approach to various leadership challenges.

The pedagogy thus consists of a judicious mix of case studies, simulations, instruments, exercises, presentations and games. The objective of the program is to understand the core of what great leadership is all about and provide delegates an opportunity to search within themselves and explore their leadership approach to enhance their skills.

  • Embarking on a self exploratory personal leadership journey

  • Busting leadership myths and exploring leadership paradigms

  • Understanding exemplary leadership practices by thought leaders

  • Learning how people empowerment can lead extraordinary achievements

  • Discovering your leadership leanings by understanding your personality through a psychometric tool

  • Exploring the practices of great leaders across ages

  • Studying live cases of achievers in their own fields who are currently doing exemplary work

  • Introduction to the personal Leadership journey

  • Defining leadership - analysing the components of the leadership definition and what it means for leadership qualities

  • The key practices of exemplary leadership

  • Exploring leadership paradigms and debunking myths

  • Identification of personal leadership attributes & exploring self with relation to the best practices

  • Working towards credible leadership

  • Motivating and inspiring for achieving vision and goals

  • Empowering your people – what it means

  • How creativity and initiative impact leadership

  • Leadership case studies

  • Leadership Communication

  • Exploring individual leadership attributes through psychometric assessment

  • Conflict resolution